Jun 10, 2018   written by Giulia Adams
Custom made staircase Cheltenham interior

Cotswolds interior design – bespoke staircase

As an experienced interior designer with over 20 years of collaborating with clients on their London and country residential interior design projects, I have designed many unique pieces; including free standing furniture, lights and built in features such as staircases or storage. But why do it and is it worth it?

There are several reasons to commission a bespoke interior design item:

  • The space is large and ready- made pieces are too small or just not right
  • It needs the WOW factor and a special focal point or centre piece
  • The client wants a unique piece that no –one else has to enhance their home
  • You want to commission a handmade item from an artisan or artist

There is a misconception that this process should be more expensive than buying ‘off the shelf’. However it is worth considering the following:

  • Buying a piece that is the wrong size or not quite right, means it will only have to be replaced later, so you end up paying twice
  • Furniture and lighting companies that understand quality and attention to detail may offer a bespoke service so their designs can be tweaked at little extra cost
  • By commissioning an a artisan to make exactly what you want you have control of the process and the end result,
  • Local artisans’ overheads are often less than a larger company and savings can be made

I have guided clients through this process many times and have seen the benefits and successful implemention as illustrated by the following examples: